Many Ways of Creation

Published: 2021-06-29 06:39:51
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Many ways of Creation
After reading "The Iroquois Creation Story" and "The story of the creation" I found many similarities and differences in the way that Native Americans and Europeans believed of creation. Both of the short stories made a world, they had bad things that made the world bad, the same with the good stuff there were good things that made the world perfect. Creation makes a big transaction in all kinds of race and/or religion beliefs (creation frame).
The similarities that both short stories had were that both created light (sun), stars, and moon. Both of the short stories had this as a similarity because if they did not had this there was going to be no way that the people that were going to be made were going to be able to tell when was day and when was night. Then, high mountains were made in both worlds to give the people places to live with their families. The most important that both of the short stories had most in common were that they both had an earth (world), without the earth everything that was created would have no place to land on and for the people to make houses for them to live and be able to move around.
The differences that "The Iroquois creation story had was 2 worlds a lower world that was in great darkness; the possession of the great monster, and the upper world was inhabited by mankind. There was a woman pregnant as the story begins and she is expecting twins, and meanwhile the lady was in pain while having the twins both of the twins entered the dark world (pa.19). Time passed and the infants grew up and one of the twins was possessed with a gentle disposition and his name was Enigorio- the good mind, the other twin was possessed an insolence of character and was named Enigonhahetgea, the bad mind. Enigorio tried to make the world good and tried to make things that were going to be good for everybody and not harmless nobody. But Enigonhahetgea made objects that he thought that they were good but it harmless many people he was the bad guy and most of the time that he created something it was something bad, and his brother Enigorio tried to stop him or to make something that had a solution to it. "The Story of Creation" it started with no earth, but it did had 1 person and it is name was Juh- wert- a- Mah- kai, he rubbed on his breast and rubbed out moah- haht- tack and that was how he made the earth. After the earth was done he made 2 types of ants to live on a bush that he made when the earth was done, the first ants were little tiny ants, but did not work so then he created with ants and those ants enlarged the earth and they kept on increasing larger and larger (pg.22). After then he created a human being to help him create more things in earth. But before he the human being he created everything that that had seeds and good to eat (pg.22) for the beings to survive. Then Juhwertamahkai made the sun and the

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