Market Research Pizza and Topping

Published: 2021-06-29 06:34:33
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Summarize the Marketing Research.
The objective of the marketing research is to
-Define the market potential for refrigerated pasta as a new product/category.
-Assess the market interest in its new Pizza offerings as an extension to existing refrigerated product.

In the marketing research for pasta, the research firm first conducted a concept tests to evaluate the interest of purchasing refrigerated pasta and sauce. The testes indicated high purchasing intention and no one brand was overwhelmingly preferred.
Using the market research findings and marketing plan data of expenditures, the research firm conducted BASES I test to estimated sales volume and finally came up the estimated minimum business requirement of 20 million units.
BASE also used the PASS and Factor analysis to reduce 27 attributes to 5 major criteria for customer to differentiate brands of pasta and found the high quality poisoning as light meal/side dish was clear the winner.

As the Pasta lunch is very successful. So NRFC developed two new pizza concepts and the MRD of the company did a preliminary concept test to assess market interest first to refine the product development. In early 1990, NRFC commissioned a BASES II Line Extension Study, involving both a concept and an in-home product use test.

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