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Published: 2021-06-29 06:42:16
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The tourism and hotel industry of Singapore comprises of more than 150 hotels. In spite of this the Marina Bay Sands faces a low level threat form substitute products. The state of the art facilities provided by the hotel and one of its major attractions the infinity pool faces no competition from its competitors. The hotel is also equipped with the latest internet facilities and a 24 hour financial center to assists tourists. There is no hotel currently in Singapore to match the facilities offered by The Marina Bay Sands. Also the Casino run by the hotel is a major tourist attraction and a major revenue booster for the hotel. Although consumers may find various hotels in Singapore none match the persona and heritage of the Marina Bay Sands.

The hospitality and tourism industry of Singapore has been of the major contributors in terms of revenue and Annual Growth between 2005 and 2009. There are plans that have been chalked out to drastically further improve the figures by 2015. Some major competitors of the Marina Bay Sands include the Fullerton Hotel, One Fullerton, The Pan Pacific Hotel, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, and Marriot Hotels. The Marina Bay Sands does face moderate competition from its competitors as these competitors always are prepared with counter measures to overcome the pricing and promotion strategies of other hotels. All the competitors of the Marina Bay Sands try to provide the best service to their potential, but the infinity pool and casino of the Marina Bay Sands acts as one of the major advantages that the hotel has over its competitors.

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