Marketing Proposal for Madonald House

Published: 2021-06-29 06:32:11
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Marketing ProposalThis marketing proposal was designed by Mark Alvarez, Eeshit Pradeep and Danilo Poujo for the Ronald McDonald House Charity organisation located in Brisbane, Queensland.Executive SummaryThe following marketing proposal will examine possible improvements in the Marketing Field for the Ronald McDonald House. Since 1981 the Ronald McDonald House has established 15 houses across Australia and provided services for 68,000 families (ND, about-us, 2016). After intensive analysis of market trends, we believe that our proposal will provide a sound strategy that will aid the organisation in reaching a wider audience so that more people in need can benefit from their program.Target MarketThe current target market comprises of families with children who befall severe illness and need a long-term hospital stay. Families have to travel long distances to stay with their children during these hard times and spend their hard earned income for motels and hotels. Ronald McDonald house aims to provide rent free accommodation to these families so that may use their funds on the medical care instead. They also offer educational programs to children who return to school after lengthy period of absence due to the illness. (ND, about-us, 2016)

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