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Published: 2021-06-29 06:32:21
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Today Ford Motor Company is one the world's largest automakers. The company brand
includes Ford and Lincoln. At one point it had Mercury but it ceased production in 2010. The
importance of marketing research in developing marketing strategy and tactics for Ford Motor
Company is very important and competitive. Ford has a lot of competitors in the automotive
industry. Ford conducts market research online and in person. Ford refines and creates new data
so they can influence their product and service development and marketing campaign. Through
moderate clinics and one-on-one interviews, Ford consumes their tactics and strategy based on
the feedback from customers.
Ford marketing is heavenly influenced by market research. Employees actually create
events and spend time with their customers. This is done in the home of the customer and so that
they will have a better understanding of the use of their vehicle. Ford is in a great position to
better meet their customer needs with this market strategy.
Ford vehicle segments became smaller and more diverse. Therefore, Ford uses market
research to push design concepts and features for their vehicles. Ford accomplish this by
extracting information from their customer questionnaires and also by inviting customers to
express themselves openly with researchers within their target group. Ford had a market
research plan. They went in with an open mind so that they may have an understanding of what
exactly the customers are looking for.
Ford conducted a Global Market Research. This is how they were able to learn a lot from

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