Marketing Strategies by P. Kotler

Published: 2021-06-29 06:32:37
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marketing strategies by P. Kotler
There are two kinds of companies: those who change and those who disappear.
1. Win Through Higher Quality
2. Win Through Better Service
3. Win Through Lower Prices
4. Win Through High Market Share
5. Win Through Adaptation and Customization
6. Win Through Continuous Product Improvement
7. Win Through Product Innovation
8. Win Through Entering High-Growth Markets
9. Win Through Exceeding Customer Expectations
A Company doesn't really have a strategy is it performs the same activities as its competitors,
only a little better. It is simply operationally more effective.
...A business as having a robust strategy when it has strong points of difference from
competitors' strategies.
Companies have finally managed to get their accounting departments to generate real numbers
on profitability by segment, individual customer, product, channel, and geographical unit.
Companies are now focusing attention on their most profitable customers, products, and
channels. They are formulating reward packages for their more profitable customers.
Most companies now outsource 60 percent of their activities and requirements.
Most buyers are showing a distinct preference for meeting salespeople on their computer screens
rather than in the office. An increasing amount of personal selling is occurring over electronic
media, where the buyer and seller see each on their computer screens in real time. Salespeople

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