Marrybrown Franchise - Transaction Processing System

Published: 2021-06-29 06:39:18
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Information SystemMarrybrown was apply the Transaction Processing System (TPS) to run their day to day operation. So, TPS is actually designed for the use in analyzing and capture information the restaurants generated during the day to day transaction (Paul, 2014). “Transaction processing” is processed of data collected from the transaction between two people.  How TPS is implementing in Marrybrown is when Marrybrown occur the transaction with third parties outside the organization such as supplier. As we can observed, Marrybrown everyday selling a huge amount of chicken and hamburger, so it have to order the raw material from the supplier. A transaction will happen each time when the Marrybrown place an order with its supplier. The information such as supplier name, address, quality of the item purchase and invoice amount will finally record by the TPS. Moreover, the detail of daily business record will also listed by the TPS in order to show the manager sales of the days. E-commerceIn order to create a highly awareness among the customer about the Marrybrown latest news, Marrybrown has utilize the power of social networking such as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube as well. Visit the Marrybrown official website is not the only way to get the latest information about product, price, and promotion, customer can also get the information from the social network (refer to appendix 1). This is very appropriate for the customer who do not often visit the Marrybrown website but like to surf the social networking. By doing so, Marrybrown are make sure all the information will update consistency in the social sites. After 2012 joining Facebook, Marrybrown decide to take part in the WeChat adventure and launched the Marrybrown’s Official WeChat account (refer to appendix 2). WeChat is a unique way for the Marrybrown to engage with it customer as it have over 600 million user worldwide and up to 90% of Malaysian has registered to its mobile social communication application. Marrybrown can share and broadcasting their latest and advertising and promotional activities.  Corporate Social ResponsibilityOn the 2012 May 20, as a sponsor Marrybrown has joined hand with the Rotary Club of Johor Centennial Charity Run to raise the fund and money for the Children’s Educational fund and Mykasih foundation (refer to appendix 2). This is one of the way Marrybrown choose to give back to the community by playing an active role in various charitable events. According to the (2016), Marrybrown has committed in ensuring that all its product are prepared on the basic of Malaysia’s Halal requirements. Customer can enjoy the Marrybrown product with 100% peace of mind as the raw material, cooking utensils, storage facilities and preparation process are all certified Halal. By doing so, the product of Marrybrown can be consume by the Muslim as well as non-Muslim.  Operation planThe objective of the company goal can be achieved by a proper operational plan, so operational play a significant role for a successful company. The objective of the organization set by the top management can be achieved by the resource provide by the operation plan. The objective of Marrybrown is continuous improvement and innovation, food quality and safety with excellence customer service. In order to become the partner of Marrybrown, the franchisor has develop the operation plan for the franchisee to follow.

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