Masking Poor Communication

Published: 2021-06-29 06:44:00
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After reading the article, I would have to say I agree that we often feel that if we are close to someone they understand us better. While this may be true on an emotional level it is not always true with communications. Someone can know what you are feeling by the emotions that you display or what you will do next because you are predictable but they cannot read your mind. Bill Cosby said "Men and women belong to different species and communications between them is still in its infancy." This is very true as I often find that communicating with women is much harder than with men.
Men seem to be able to just look at each other, point and grunt and we understand, but when talking to women we need to be clear and most of listen. People need to talk to each other and listen to what the other one is saying in order for communication to work. Many people often feel that their partner should know what they are thinking and do not communicate their thoughts and wants to them.
I have friends who spend more time sending text message to their spouse than they do talking. I feel that we lose the true meaning of things with just using simple words in text messages and it leads to misunderstandings. I would say to them do you think they understand what you ware saying because I didn't and I am standing here next to you. There have seen major arguments in their houses because they sent a text to tell their spouse something and the spouse took the message another way.

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