Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Published: 2021-06-29 06:44:04
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Case Study 17 Consider Maslow’s hierarchy of needs during Cindy’s first year of life.  Which needs were fulfilled? Which were not?Maslow focused his theory on the hierarchy of human needs. The hierarchy of human needs is divided into two different categories: deficiency needs and growth needs. Cindy was a malnourished baby, she did not receive much love when she was a baby, and her living conditions were not the safest in the world.  Cindy’s pediatrician noticed that Cindy was underweight during her first checkup, babies are usually supposed to lose some weight when they stay in the hospital and then they regain that weight and sometimes more by the time they are two weeks old (Ashcraft 2009).  The pediatrician noticed that four week old Cindy did not gain additional weight after leaving the hospital (Ashcraft 2009).  Noticing that things about Cindy, she obviously was not meeting the first need of physiological need of being fed and being taken care of.What was the outcome of the needs being fulfilled or not fulfilled?Children and Youth Services were the then called and Cindy was put into a foster home.  The foster home she was placed into didn’t really care for Cindy either. They were just in if for the compensation check (Ashcraft 2009).  The foster parent’s showed her little affection, never holding her and never talking to her.  At age twelve months, Cindy would cringe as someone’s touch having gotten very little during her first year of life.  She barely go any interaction with people and she had lack of love from her biological family and her foster parents.

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