Maslow’s Needs Theory and the Application in Hospital

Published: 2021-06-29 06:44:05
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Maslow’s Needs Theory and the Application in HospitalIntroduction        Psychologist Abraham Maslow (1968) work out a hierarchy of human needs theory. From the bottom to the top there are eight levels.  In Maslow’s view, needs operate from the bottom up in this needs hierarchy(2p31). By communication, each level of needs could be meet(1p5). The objectives of this article are to identificate and description of each of Maslow’s needs within a movie “I am Sam”, and then to show the application of each need to a potential client in a hospital.Maslow’s Needs Hierarchy TheoryPhysiological NeedsAt the most basic level, humman being need to survive, obtain food , water, and oxygen, need sleep, and engage in sex. All of which Maslow considered to be the Physiological Needs(1p5-6).In the beginning of the movie “I am Sam”, when Lucy was a little baby, she cried all the time. Then the neighbour of Sam, Annie teach him that the baby need to be feed every two hours(3). Every human need to survive, if have no food to eat, the baby or adults will died. It is ture to little Lucy, her cry is her way to communication with the caregiver that her basic level of need have not be meet. When she be feed, she finally grow up.Safety NeedsSafety needs means humans need to be comfort, security, Freedom from fear, freedom from violence. If these needs are not being met, it is almost impossible to focus on the higher hierarchical needs(1p6-7).In the movie, Sam prepared a birthday party to Lucy. In the stress of nervous, Sam scold a boy. This behaour was misunderstand and deemed by the court that it posed a threat to the safety of children(3).  Which means the safety needs of Lucy and other children may not met.Though we know it was not true, Sam is a very nice fatherand, and will never hurt Lucy.Belonging NeedsBelonging needs is the third level of needs. Humans want other people’s company, acceptance, be loved and love others. Everyone unwill to be lonlines(1p8).In this movie, every thusday, all the close friends of Sam go to his home and watch vedio together. When Sam busy with the Lucy’s case with the lawyeress, and have no time to accompany with his friends, they all feel sad(3). Self-esteem NeedsMoving up the hierarchy, there is the Self-esteem needs. In this level, people need competence, approval, and recognition. We want others to respect us and self-respect(1p9).

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