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Published: 2021-06-29 06:44:36
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1. Need automaticity to build a foundation and go to next step
Repetition helps build synapses in the brain
The more you repeat it, the more natural it becomes to have ans pop into your head
To develop fluency in maths before tackling more complex subjects at a later stage
e.g. English pupil were now 3 years behind Chinese peers by age of 15

2. Lack of knowledge
It is not the learning of times tables that is causing anxiety but it is lack of times
table knowledge

3. Learning mathe involves knowledge in 3 main types: factual, procedural and conceptual
Neglecting the factual inhibits the development of procedural and conceptual knowledge and damages mathematical learning
E.g. Writer’s experience:
Working with adult who found working with numbers and other aspects of maths difficult because they lack the automatic recall of basic number facts
Their opportunities are thus restricted because they fear numbers

4. Remembering times table does not mean rote learning/memorizing

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