McDonald’s Winning Strategy

Published: 2021-06-29 06:35:28
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Research PaperMcDonald’s Winning StrategyStrategic Change ManagementKsenia BratkovaHusson UniversityAbstractThis paper contains information about “Plan to Win” strategy implemented by McDonald’s in 2003. This strategy appeared to be very successful and helped the company to  make significant changes in improving McDonald’s service and operations. Key Words: transformational change, business strategyTransformational change is very typical process in the business environment. This process involves a company making a radical change in its business plan. It often requires companies to make significant changes in company structure and management, or sometimes even in its culture. Why does it happen? Most of the time transformational change occurs in response to technological changes or in response to crisis. Sometimes the reason for change hides in order to reposition the company in the market. McDonald’s is one example of the company that had experienced several transformational changes in order to rebrand and reposition themselves in the market. McDonalds started to face first losses since 2001(Oak, 2004). The company ended 2002 with its first quarterly loss since 1954 and its stock dropped significantly (Oak, 2004). Customer satisfactions surveys showed that McDonald’s was very far behind its competitors Wendy’s and Burger King. Customers became more health cations and were switching to more healthier food options. Customers complaints were raising due to quality, service, and cleanliness conditions at MacDonald’s locations (Oak, 2004). On top of everything anti-junk and anti-obesity campaigns became more active which threatened the business and caused downside in sales as well. The need for change became more obvious.

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