Meet Michelle Obama

Published: 2021-06-29 06:37:02
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Meet Michelle Obama
We all have different definitions of leaders. For example, I think a leader is someone you can look up to that gives off a good impression and sets examples for others to follow. A leader is almost like a role model someone whose actions persuade you to want to be like them in many ways. In my case Michelle Obama is the perfect definition of a leader.
Michelle is the first lady of the white house and is accompanying the 44th president Barrack Obama. She is also the first African American First Lady in history. She's 48 years old; she was born and raised on the south side of Chicago. In college, she studied sociology and African American history at Princeton University. She also graduated from Harvard in 1988 and began working for a law firm known as Sidley and Austin. Michelle later realized that she enjoyed helping people and bettering the community they live in so she began working on new projects.
I consider Michelle a leader because although she was born as your average girl from Chicago she came up and made something out of herself and then went back and helped those who were less fortunate. She also stays true to who she is being the first lady did not change her characteristics and the way she conducted herself. Although she has many leadership roles she is first and foremost she is the mother of Malia and Sasha. Michelle was also assistant commissioner of planning and development at the city hall in Chicago as well as lawyer for many years, and the development executive director of the Chicago chapter of Public Allies. Michelle has many qualities of a leader she motivated, trustworthy, she's developed many social skills over the years and she has stepped up and encouraged many women all over America to become better and that to me is a leader.

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