Memory - Encoding, Storage and Retrieval

Published: 2021-06-29 06:43:25
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MEMORYDefine memoryInformation processing system.Encoding, Storage and Retrieval. What is involved in each process?Automatic vs Effortful encoding.Atkinson – Shiffrin model.What are structural features of this memory model?What are controlled processes?Sensory Memory. How does it process sensory information? What happens if the information is not attended to? Iconic and Echoic Memory. What sensory information do they process and how long does each store the information for? Why?  Sperling and his findings.Short Term Memory.Characteristics of STM in terms of the capacity, duration (how each is researched) and the way the information is stored.How is information lost from STM? Decay and Displacement.STM as working memory. Why is it also called working memory? Effects of rehearsal and STMMaintenance Rehearsal. Vocal, sub vocal, verbal. Rote repetition. Characteristics of. Limitations.Elaborative rehearsal. What is it and how is it done? What is focused on in this type of rehearsal? Characteristics and examples. Self Referencing Effect. Why is it more effective than Maintenance rehearsal?Serial Position Effect. Primacy and Recency effect. U shaped curve. What effect is present when subjects are remembering the first five and last five words in a list of fifteen words? How does STM and LTM apply to this effect? What are some real life examples of the serial position effect on memory?What happens when recall of the list is delayed by 30 seconds or more?Chunking. Explanation and examples.Baddeley and Hitch’s model of working memoryVerbal working memory (phonological loop), Visual working memory (visuospatial sketchpad), Episodic buffer), Central executive. Know how each works and how they work together. Give a good example.

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