Menu Analysis - Asia Bar and Grill in Mansfield Massachusetts

Published: 2021-06-29 06:29:34
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Jordan Buck
Menu Review
Asia Bar & Grill
287 School St. Mansfield MA, 02048

I am writing a review on the menu for Asia Bar and Grill in Mansfield Massachusetts. First I would like to discuss the positive aspects of the menu. One of the things I like about the menu and thought was really good was how much content (menu items) they could fit in such a small space. With all of these different food items to choose from you figured the menu would be cluttered and messy but it is well organized and categorized and makes whatever you are looking for easy to find. Another positive aspect of the menu was the small map they put on the front to help customers find the establishment if they have never been there before. I liked that it's helpful.

Next I'm going to discuss some of the negative aspects of the Asia Bar and Grill menu. The menu cover is pretty dull and bland and not much to look at, so it's not too eye catching to the customer. Another negative aspect of the menu is that it's kind of cluttered with all the different food items and categories. Unless you know what you are looking for and you know what you want to eat/order it may be a little difficult to pick out a dish with all the choices in front of you. The clutter may make the decision making process impossible. Plus there are no descriptions of the dishes so how are you supposed to know what something has in it or tastes like? You would have to ask the server all of this and with all of these dishes that may become a hassle real quick.

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