Mesopotamia and China

Published: 2021-06-29 06:27:05
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Mesopotamia and China are similar in some ways and not so alike in other ways. Ancient Mesopotamia is called “the cradle of civilizations.” They are called that because this is where the first cities and empires were formed.They created one of the earliest forms of writing.By 3,000 BC, the Mesopotamians had already invented the wheel, developed writing, and created the world's first cities and monumental architecture. Early Chinese called themselves the “Middle Kingdom” because they believed they were in the middle of the world. They discovered they could use oracle bones to help them with their problems. The River Valley civilization that is most advance would be how successful they’d be in their economic, social and political conditions. The River Valley that hits each one is Mesopotamia.

One way Mesopotamia is more advanced than China was how they were political, their military was well-built and tough. Mesopotamia’s Assyrian armies were trained very well and contained good weapons. Quoted in the sources packet; Mesopotamia it says “There were a few who could defeat the Assyrians.” This means that they were focused on their military, and expanding themselves outward. This was stated in the sources packet Mesopotamia. They also had archers who had “followed the siege engine with their large bows and swift arrows.” Stated also in the same sources packet. The Assyrian kings “sent out their armies to conquer new lands. Over 300 years …. Lands further to the east and west became part of an Assyrian empire” quoted the sources packet. That means they grew in wealth with each new territory they conquer. Unlike in China, each dynasty would get overrun by a new ruler after a couple hundred of years or more. Which means their armies couldn't have been too valuable. Their army wasn’t able to defend themselves. The only positive thing that could help when enemies attack was that they were geographically isolated.” Ocean, desert, high mountains, isolated China” stated in powerpoint. “Zhou gained power and in 1050 B.C attacked the Shang,” and “Shang was able to take advantage of the Xia’s weakness, and overthrew the dynasty.” Both statements found in the sources packet China.

China and Ancient Mesopotamia both were advanced in technology and using their resources. China had constant warfare, which meant that ancient China was constantly discovering a new way of creating weapons and other useful machinery. In Eastern Zhou dynasty there was “a workforce capable of building large defensive walls.” stated in sources packet China. Those walls could protect the armies from surprise attacks and useful in battles. China used bronze “to make weapons, tools and vessels.” says in the sources packet China. Bronze was very useful and not many had bronze. In the Xia’s Yu the Great, was able to build a “drainage channels to stop the flood.” quoted in sources packet. In Mesopotamia,

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