Methods to Determine Phase Diagrams

Published: 2021-06-29 06:45:08
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Exercise 5C. #4        There are two methods to determine phase diagrams. These are the static and dynamic method. Both methods explore, understand, and investigate systems. Static or quenching method is necessary for the investigation of systems of which phase transition is very slow thus needs long-term homogenization. On the other hand, the dynamic method is inappropriate for systems having slow phase transitions.         Static method has various approach in exploring, understanding and investigating samples. These analysis are the following:1.        Metallographic analysis is one of the keys to determine phase diagrams. Its microstructure examinations studies the number of phases and invariant reaction types. Examination of characteristics such as shape, composition, size, distribution, color, orientation and hardness is possible. The diagram below briefly explains how metallographic analysis is done.[pic 1]The surface of specimen is cleaned and polished. Small samples need matrix such as polymer resin and other mounting materials. This would then be polished with emery paste of Al2O3 , Cr2O3 , Fe2O3, MgO, or carborundum. Last is the microstructure etching to identify the different phases involved.

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