Mgmt Info Resources Ch 4

Published: 2021-06-29 06:47:54
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Study Guide - Chapter 04

1. List and describe the six phases of an IT project Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). (MGMT4331 WBS 01 Voice.pptx)
a. Initiation is the initial business needs request giving the goals, outcomes and risks of a project.
b. Analysis is the second step where the features, budget and schedule are given for the project.
c. Design is the third step giving the list of screens, screen descriptions, business rules, ERD, and system integration diagram with documents of the project.
d. Construction is the fourth step that gives a list of the units to be constructed, structure, flow and responsibility of each unit.
e. Testing is the fifth step of taking the constructed system and testing it.
f. Deployment is the final step of implementing the tested system, training users, and creating documentation in the work place

2. Planning Paradox: What is the planning paradox? Provide an example to illustrate.
a. Planning paradox has happened because IT changes so fast that companies want to give up on IS planning. Companies wonder if it is worth trying to keep up with technology, because when planning projects it takes time and technology does not allow for the time.

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