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Published: 2021-06-29 06:31:50
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Paradise Part II
April 22, 2011
Mr. Thompson

The ideas or Kava Island possibly welcoming ACH be good ones would these ideas be a benefit for the community of Kava. This is part II of the Paradise business scenario in which I will see if any of my ideas can and will be implemented into the decision-making techniques or to see if the appropriate situation is would be a good solution for ACH.
The company cannot ignore the fact that ACH decisions can be made based upon calculated assessments by experience personal of what may occur if the business takes a certain course of action. The financial side is a great tools to decision-making, but the decision making tool should never be mistaken for the decision itself (Ken Langdon, 2001). After looking over the first part of paradise the technique that has been applied to this assignment is brainstorming. Brainstorming is one of the techniques that falls under the affinity diagram. It is a means that gathers a large amounts of language as well as data ( ideas, opinions, issues and organize) them unto team/group based on their natural relationships process is often used to group ideas generated by brainstorming it is also usually created by performing a brainstorming exercise ,and by analyzing verbal data gathered through survey feedback results (grid analysis,1996-2011).

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