Michael Jackson 'this Is It' Importance for Producers

Published: 2021-06-29 06:42:30
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"This is it" is a documentary footage and interviews taken recompile the backstage preparation of the show Michael Jackson: 'This is it' that was canceled due to the tragic death of the King of Pop. The film illustrates the feelings of the artists involved and delves into the trials and preparations for the last great spectacle that Michael Jackson was going to give their fans ...

The film is directed to all fans of Michael Jackson. In some ways marks his mysterious death and reveals the activities of the music star in his last days of life. It is common when an artist dies to remove any type of DVD disc or memorial, and 'This is it 'performs this function. It also serves as comprensacion for all those who had purchased tickets in the presale for the concert that tube to be canceled. What's more, it serves as educational material for anyone who wanted to organize a mega event like this.

In my opinion Michael Jackson meets the triple role of Artist, Producer and Director. Share the last two tasks with Kenny Ortega who called his creative partner, Kenny takes care that Michael needs are met, and their artistic mink too. Also provides ideas that MJ Kenny agrees.
As for the film production is attributed to Kenny Ortega, is a collaboration of MICHAEL JACKSON THE COMPANY and Columbia Pictures.

The importance of the producer is the fact that he should always find solutions to problems. Direct evidence for this is the film, Kenny Ortega transforms tragedy into an opportunity to make this film with the making of the Recital "THIS IS IT". In addition, one must understand that there are situations that all production must be overcome or planned in different stages.

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