Mickey Mouse Impact

Published: 2021-06-29 06:42:31
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Ever heard of Mickey Mouse? The name probably sounds familiar. This cartoon character with his cheerful face and high pitch voice helps him to remain one of the most recognizable characters in the world. Mickey Mouse is even more recognizable than Santa Clause himself. Mickey has helped and inspired people to all get along and bring smiles and happiness into lives. Mickey Mouse has starred in a little over 120 films from between 1928-1998, and had a comic book strip that ran throughout 45 years. The man behind this master piece was Walt Disney ("Suddath").
Walt Disney Originally worked at Universal Pictures. He was the creator of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit which was an instant major hit within the United States. Oswald was created there at Universal Pictures. When Oswald the lucky rabbit cartoon was at its peak the studio felt powerful and started to let many workers go. They offered to keep Disney, but only for a lower salary then he already had. Disney then refused the fewer wage and left the company. When Disney left he then created his own company which then led to the creation of Mickey Mouse. Mickey was created when Disney and his wife were returning by train from a meeting where Disney tried to re-gain the rights to Oswald and was unable to do so. Then Disney started to make another image similar to Oswald but in the image of a mouse which was originally named Mortimer. Later the name was changed to Mickey ("Suddath").
Cartoons before Mickey at this time were all in black and white with no color. Having sound for film animations hadn't been used yet, so all films were silent. Most to all of the cartoons purpose and the time was just to simply entertain people. They rarely ever contained a message or a point of emphasis to get across to the audience. They also never discussed things about events that were happening in the United States and globally. They mostly just contained a pie that was being tossed into someone's face or that contained silly dancing plants and flowers.

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