Micro Environment

Published: 2021-06-29 06:28:07
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Micro environment is near environment. This environment is actually the direct surrounding of the firm that determines firm
position in competition. This environment can be explained using Porter five forces Based on Porter, firm position
is characterized by rivalry, threat from product substitution, threat from new entrant, bargaining power of supplier and
bargaining power of consumers.

A large number of competitors especially from Wintel family create a 'red ocean' for Apple. Wintel platform is not produced by
single firm rather than combination of firms. These competitors offer similar product to apple with only little different in
features, brand and design. Several Apple competitors are IBM, HP, Compaq, Dell, Lenovo, Gateway, Acer, Fujitsu, Sony, ECS,
Toshiba, etc.

Strong bargaining power of suppliers creates high cost of computer components. As there is only small number of processor

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