Milton Babbitt

Published: 2021-06-29 06:42:35
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Essay 2
Milton Babbitt wrote an article names "Who cares if you listen" stating the way that his music and other complex compositions are and should be perceived. During the time this compositions were exposed audiences who listened to this music had many diverse opinions. Babbitt describes in his article that this music was not made for a public audience it was made for the educated listener. "It is the high degree of determinacy that most strikingly differentiates such music." Babbitt. In his article Babbitt wrote that his music was very complex and composed with for the music educated in mind. In the article Babbitt explains how some composers dedicated their life in composing music that had no real meaning. Babbitt was referring to popular music, which was good if you wanted to keep your record company and the uneducated audience happy. "Musical compositions of the kind under discussions possess a high degree of contextuality and autonomy." Babbitt. What Babbitt was referring to in his articles was to music that made the listener think and analyze before it could be understood. This was Babbitt's intention, to compose music that was full of complexity and was not fully understood by the common listener, he had no problem achieving this with his techniques. During the period he composed he was not seen as a famous composer by the common listener but he was a pioneer in the eyes of educated musicians.

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