Mise-En-Scene and Montage in Cinematography

Published: 2021-06-29 06:42:39
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Mise-en-scene and Montage in Cinematography
This essay is about the differences between mise-en-scene and montage, two common approaches which can be distinguished in cinematography. It begins by the definition of the two approaches. In the process of analysis, each one's effects on the audience will emerge without strain.
Mise-en-scene, an obvious French term, stems from the theater. Its literal meaning is "put in the scene". However, when it comes to film, it has a broader meaning. Set design, lighting, costume, acting and space, which are the indispensable constituents of cinema, will definitely flow over into one's mind. [1] In another word, mise-en-scene refers to the arrangement of everything that appears in the framing. [2]
Set design comprises mainly of the sets and props used in a movie. The decoration and decorative styles are more than decorating the sets. Much significance involved with society, psychology, economy and culture may be buried in a deeper level in an inconspicuous object.
In Kabinett des Doktor Caligari, the appearance of the antagonist makes people believe that he is really evil instantaneously due to the streaks on the wall. Everything showed in the shot gives the audience a sense of repression:
Lighting, regarded as one of the film elements that overwhelms the others in terms of evoking emotions, can be manipulated to communicate the director's notions perfectly and produce a significant impact on the audience at the same time. In cinema, lighting is more than just illumination that permits us to see the action. An ingenious combination of light and shadow will absolutely create a specific feeling such as a sense of mystery, fear or anger. [3]

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