Mishandled Corporate Security Issues - How Corporate Security Is Viewed After 9/11

Published: 2021-06-29 06:40:45
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Mishandled Corporate Security Issues/How Corporate Security is viewed after 9/11
* The Twin Towers were bombed 8 years earlier by the same enemy.
* The terrorists were already familiar with how our government operates.
* Terrorists were in Florida learning how to fly commercial jet liners.
* George W. Bush proclaimed the attacks as acts of war, and his predecessor Bill Clinton said they were criminal matters that involved individuals acting alone.
* New York is one of America's most populated places, and the portal of immigrants in search of a better life. The attack was here on our mainland, whereas most other attacks were thousands of miles away in another country.
* This awakened Americans to the fact they could no longer ignore attacks like this.
* Before 9/11 many people in the government believed that terrorism was the product of social conditions such as poverty, racism, and oppression instead of a group of political fanatics and evil men.
* Prior to 9/11 terrorists Arabic terrorists were able to enter the U.S. with or without passports. They received training at American facilities to fly commercial aircraft. During this time pressure was on to relax immigration laws in fear of "racial profiling." Also, the Democratic Party considered the CIA the problem not the enemies.

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