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Published: 2021-06-29 06:33:53
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KLM: Mission, vision and its history

What is the vision of the organization?
The vision of a company is the ultimate goal they want to achieve. The vision of KLM is: 'KLM wants to be ahead in the airline industry by being smarter then other companies.'

What is the Mission of the organization?
A mission is how a company realize its vision. To realize their vision they have to set goals (becoming market leader) and objectives (where, when). To achieve these goals they will have to set up a strategy. By following this strategy they will achieve their goals and in the end they will achieve their vision.

The vision of KLM is: 'KLM wants to be ahead in the airline industry by being smarter then other companies'. The goals to achieve this are: achieve profitable growth, offering reliability and offer innovative products. These are some of the main goals of KLM. Their goals are already being realized now at the moment. They are achieving profitability by realizing their other goals. They offer reliability by offering a good and reliable service, and offer the best quality. They offer innovative products by being sustainable. They are doing research in reducing the CO2 output and they already have some special services available for customers. So by realizing one goal, they are already realizing some parts of other goals too.

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