Mission to Mars

Published: 2021-06-29 06:40:55
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We sat in silence for a while. Everything was blurry, and I could not see anything. My eyes could only make out three figures: one short and maybe chubby, another one tall and skinny, and the last one was medium-sized. The mysterious figures stood in front of me, without moving at all. I tried to move, but I was constrained by what felt like a gel-like and sticky substance. As time went by, my eyesight came back, and I was finally able to figure out who was standing in front of me. I was terrified. The figures turned out to be blue and strange-looking creatures. There were colorful buttons, many small monitors, and machines everywhere. I heard a familiar voice towards my right, and I saw my friend stuck to the wall with a slimy fluid. The only thing I could remember was that we had just got off of our bus stop and started walking, when a strange, flying object hovered over our heads and zapped a huge, bright light on us. now we were here, held against our own will.
At this point, I was confused and afraid out of my mind. The small alien slowly and confidently walked towards me. He looked up and gave me a mean and intimidating stare. I showed no fear, as I tried to emulate his stare back at him. He then said something to his comrades in some foreign, weird language.
The small alien then said to us, "Hello, I am Vector #00825. You have been abducted. You are never to return to planet Earth. You are also to do what we say, or be punished!"

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