Modisi Mogudi: Biography

Published: 2021-06-29 06:28:17
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Modisi Mogudi: Biography

Although not very scholastic, I am a young man who has learnt a great deal through my past experiences and endeavours. Having thrust myself into the uncertainty of the world, I have had to use practical ways of managing my life as well as the lives of those who have had to rely on me, be it at home, the workplace or, quite recently, in business. The most important lessons I have learnt are that: you are never going to win them all; you should never give up; and your business is strengthened by the people you surround yourself with - "Your network is your net worth".
Having said this, I can safely say that I have gathered some of the most skilful individuals and put together the strongest team I have seen yet.
My experience came to immediately after high school (2006), when I started coaching basketball to a group of young girls. It is here were I learnt to manage a team and expose individual strengths and talents for the benefit of the team. Not only that, I also learnt, during this time, that peoples egos and emotions are the most important thing to handle when placed in a position of management. This lesson has come a long way in my life and has aided in the conquering of several situations, especially in the workplace.

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