Moksha and Salvation

Published: 2021-06-29 06:44:22
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Moksha and Salvation
Hinduism is the oldest religion in the world. This religion has close to a billion followers in the world after Christianity and Islam. This religion views God in a different way, because they believe that all of us are gods. That everybody in the world is Gods, and the world lives in God. So let us look at how the Moksha religion compares to Christianity.
The word Moksha comes from, the Asian Sanskrit language, and means enlightenment or liberation of the human spirit from ignorance. (Moksha foundation, 1998). Moksha in the Hindu society is salvation, and only given to certain people in different ways. This gift is received in order to see things with a clear perspective. For them, liberation can be obtained by their own efforts. To inquire Moksha a person must have enough karma, which is the accumulation of merits and demerits that a person has in its past life. This makes a person believe that if he or she behaves well in their past life whenever they are reborn, they can be raised to a higher level. Nevertheless, the Hindu religion teaches that the soul of a person never dies and the soul moves out to another body or living thing. Then this soul goes through the same process of life, death, and rebirth to receive enough karma to attain Moksha. Then there are three other ways that a Hindu person may attain Moksha through the path of works, the path of knowledge, and the path of Devotion. These are equal emphasizing, a different quality that a person has. To simplify their meanings; For the regular people who go about their lives day after

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