More Than Just a Short Cake

Published: 2021-06-29 06:38:49
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More than Just a Short Cake

That little hole in the center filled with all that creamy whiteness, is what a real angel food cake should be filled with. A recipe for strawberries, cream cheese and angel food cake is defiantly more than just a traditional strawberry short cake, it is far sweeter, more filling and it last longer; the sweet, decadent taste of the cream cheese melts in your mouth and leaves you with a wonderful creamy taste you are sure to enjoy and remember. If this strawberry and cream cheese, angel cake had a name it would be, The heavenly angel cake. This recipe has been passed down with love from generations of women in my family, always turning men's hearts and stomachs. Remembering when I was younger and my mother would be teaching me the process of baking this recipe, she would talk of her younger days and her memories baking this cake for her special someone. Often allowing me a glimpse into her past.
The heavenly angel cake is a dessert, with many hidden secrets. It appears round in shape, resembling a donut and is covered in creamy, white, fluffy soft frosting; having a little hole in the center filled with the same creamy goodness. The special smell of the fluffy angel food cake mixed with the soft scent of strawberries and cream cheese rise to your nose. When you cut the cake to take a piece of it, the cake usually falls apart a little, due to the soft touch of the knife slicing into all the wonderful, sexy ingredients.

Strawberries cut up with small bites of soft, fluffy angel food cake, smothered in the creamy, white cream cheese frosting come falling out of the cake and onto your plate, dipping with frosting, yelling at you "eat me, you know you want to!" Taking a bite leaves your mouth watering for more and there's a wonderful taste of something that you just can't name. It's creamy, sweet, with a hint of lemon juice? Yes, lemon juice is what gives this cake it's thrill, mixed with the condensed milk and cream cheese, it is a heavenly dream in your mouth. One piece of this cake and your full, but you know you still want more, but unlike traditional strawberry short cakes, whereas the short cake packages usually come six to a pack are gone after everyone in your family has had one, this big, round, donut shaped cake still has plenty more to go around, with tons of strawberries still left as well. The cake is able to be store in the refrigerator for as long as your heart desires, or as long as you can fight the urge not to eat it all.

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