Motivational Case

Published: 2021-06-29 06:42:49
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1. Equity theory is a model of motivation that explains how people strive for fairness and justice in social exchanges or give-and-take relationships. In the equity theory all workers want there to be a level of fairness between each other. In this motivational case, there seems to be a level of perceived inequality. Susan and Hari, both of whom have been at the company a few years less than Rosanna and Yang, continually cause extra work for others. Susan and Hari are not good at judging time and often wait until the last minute before a deadline. This often times causes more work for Rosanna and Yang. This can be perceived as a negative inequality because it is not fair for Rosanna and Yang to constantly have to do someone else's work because of their refusal to follow directions and deadlines. To ensure that this does not continue to happen I implemented a new way to get things done. I met with the group and established deadlines for returning feedback and specific responsibilities to make sure that nobody has to do anyone else works. However three months into this it seems that Susanna and Hari are not following procedure and still creating more work for others. It is because of this that I must check the interactional justice of Rosanna and Yang. I need to see the extent to which they feel fairly treated after procedures have been implemented. As the manager I must take actions to make sure that the job is getting done on time and correctly, all while there is equality for all employees.

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