Mountain Man Brewing

Published: 2021-06-29 06:30:21
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Mountain Man Brewing Case Write-Up

Problem Statement: The Mountain Man Brewing Company doesn't have a light beer. If they incorporate and sell a new light beer product, they would risk cannibalization as well as their reputation for the original core lager and brand.

Alternative 1: Bring out a light beer in a different area other than West Virginia.

* Pros: Marketing this new product in other regions would allow their core product "Mountain Man Lager" to remain the top product in the region where it's currently excelling. Marketing the light beer will get Mountain Man Brewing a foot in the door with the attracting potential younger customers.
* Cons: Launching this product in a new area would be very expensive since there wouldn't be any brand recognition. The young might not necessarily want to be associated with a "tough" and old brand while the older consumers may not want to be associated with the younger consumers who drink "tasteless" beer.

Alternative 2: Bring out the light beer using a different name other than Mountain Man Light.

* Pros: Calling the product something other than Mountain Man Light would protect the products original name. The different name would imply a completely different product, which would mean that it wouldn't compete with the original product in the eyes of the consumer.

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