Multicultural Competency

Published: 2021-06-29 06:43:41
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Multicultural Competency
Cultural differences are everywhere, and many people in this world are not able to understand the cultures that are in the United States. People in today's society that hold a bias towards those of another culture and have attitudes towards these people, this is not right yet it is being done. Many people are ignorant to the beliefs and different cultures that are in this world. Taking the time to learn about the people will help everyone gain knowledge and understanding about the different cultures. To learn the values and different practices that are within other cultures will help to broaden the intellect of others around them.
What is Multicultural Competency
Simply put cultural competency is our own understanding of our culture and our background and how it shapes our attitudes and our beliefs. We gain awareness and understanding which enables us to better interact with other culture groups. Within research cultural competency has guidelines that are followed. Research will persuade the examiner to see the significance of conducting cultures centered and ethical research among individuals from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Education guidelines are the proper training so that more culture centered point of views is able to be seen and heard. In the schools there should be curriculum that is about diversity mostly towards the higher education levels (middle and high school); this will help in eliminating any bias within the school system between the students or the teachers.
The guidelines and specific goals for the psychologists is to provide them with the underlying principle and the needs for addressing multiculturalism and multiplicity in education, guidance, study, perform , and organizational change. Give them necessary information, pertinent vocabulary, existing pragmatic study from psychology and related disciplines, and other data that hold up the planned guidelines and highlight their importance. Have the references to augment ongoing learning, guidance, research, practice, and organizational change methodologies, and the paradigms that expand the purview of psychology as an occupation (American Psychological Association, 2003). For many psychologists having the rigor goals and guidelines this may be a shock. With following these guidelines and goals it will help to implement change and conquer the differences within cultures.

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