Multicultural Concepts

Published: 2021-06-29 06:43:44
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RUNNING HEAD: Multicultural Concepts

Multicultural Concepts
Sarah Bayer
Class: Multicultural Psychology
Instructor: Evangelina Alonso
Date: March 4, 2013

Cultural Differences

This paper will have the topic on multicultural concepts; therefore, an individual must understand what multicultural is to understand the concepts behind it. Multicultural is considered to be multiculturalism, which is the "body of thought in political philosophy about the proper way to respond to cultural and religious diversity" (Song, 2010; p. 1). Multiculturalism has differentiated rights; therefore, these rights can grant a culturally different individual "exemption from generally applicable laws in virtue of their religious beliefs or individuals who seek language accommodations in schools or in voting" (Song, 2010; p. 1). Multiculturalism can also have disadvantages for an individual, such as women; disable individuals, gays, African Americans, and lesbians. Discrimination can be one of these disadvantages that these individuals may face. These individuals may turn to a multicultural psychologist for help understanding why discrimination happens toward him or her. Therefore, this type of psychology will also help a culturally different individual who may have issues with adjusting to the American culture; therefore, the individual will benefit from seeing a multicultural psychologist. In addition this paper will have the topic on two concepts that defines multicultural. The concepts that will be defined are individualism versus collectivism and acculturation.
Multicultural Concept
The first concept is collectivism versus individualism. Collectivism is considered to be the social patterns that consist of an individual believing he or she is linked to "one or more collectives" (Gillies, 2011; p. 1), which are an individual family, friends, and workplace.
A collectivist individual motivation can consist of
* "the norms and expectations of the collective
* gives priority to the goals of the collective over their own personal goals

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