Multicultural Psychology - Research Methodology

Published: 2021-06-29 06:43:47
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Research Methodology
The following paper will look at two research variables, observation and sampling. Both of these variables will be looked at closely when using traditional research methodology as well as multicultural research methodology. The paper will then compare and contrast the two variables when using both research methods. The paper will also address the fundamental problems encountered by researchers during the implication of the two variables cross-culturally.
Research Methodology
Research methodology defines the process of research, how to proceed, what to use to measure the progress and determines what constitutes success. Traditional methodology requires the research to be ethical but does not necessarily take into count cultural integrity. Multicultural methodology includes cross-cultural participants and endeavors to include race, socioeconomic class and other cultural aspects. Researchers need to be aware of the broad scope of the dimensions of ethnicity, race, gender, language, sexual orientation, age, disability, education, spiritual, or religious orientation, socioeconomic class, and other cultural dimensions (Ponterotto, 1998).
Gathering data is made simple using the technique of observation. The trained researchers observe different behaviors of the participants. The behavior being observed first must be defined by the researcher. Direct behavioral observation requires ways to quantify the behaviors under observation (Bordens & Abbott, 2011). Ways to quantify behaviors in observational studies include methods of frequency, duration, and intervals. Frequency method is recording the number of times the behavior occurred within a time period. Duration method is how long the behavior lasted. The interval method is a time period being divided into discrete time intervals then record if the behavior occurred within each interval (Bordens & Abbott, 2011). To make effective observations, researchers need to use special techniques to deal with the rate which the behavior being observed occurs.

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