Muscular System

Published: 2021-06-29 06:45:04
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The muscular system is the most important system in our body. Some muscles are the most important because they help our blood pump to our heart, help us digest our food and others help you move. If we didn't have muscles or systems that couldn't do these things we would need to do these things by are self. Like we can't move causes are muscle help us get up and move place to place. There are three different kinds of muscles Cardiac, Smooth, and skeletal muscles. Cardiac muscle is found only in the heart. It can stretch, just like smooth muscle, and contract like skeletal muscle. With smooth muscles we do not have to think about contracting them because they are controlled automatically by the nervous system. There about 650 skeletal muscles in our human body. Muscular system work together in pairs, one muscle moves the bone in one direction and the other moves it back again to its position. Most of our skeletal muscles are attach to our bones. Not all muscles are attached to our bones, like the smooth and cardiac muscles aren't attached to bones. The smooth muscle helps by tightening up and relaxing to let the food pass through our small and large intestine. The cardiac muscle helps by pumping blood to our heart and to other parts in our body. Your muscles is the most important system in your body, to keep them healthy you got to exercise like running, doing push-ups, and sit ups. If you do these things your muscles will be happy inside and you can do anything like play sports or do other activities. If you don't do these exercises you would be out of shape and your muscles will be weak and it would be hard to do any activities.

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