Music in the World

Published: 2021-06-29 06:42:47
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Since I was really into music throughout high school, I really didn't learn a ton of new information in the reading, but I did gather a few interesting insights that stuck with me. The first was the comment it made at the very beginning. I have never thought about rap being "...mostly poetry recitation with a beat, and largely eliminates melody as an element." It wasn't until the end of the reading that I really became engrossed into the material. I really enjoy pieces that implement the binary and ternary composition model, since it doesn't take as much concentration to follow and you can just listen to it in the background while doing other things, unlike other variations of transcendent music. One last insight that I gleamed from the reading was that even though all the music that we listen today is so different, they all follow the same universal laws that govern music. They all need correct tempo, melody, rhythm, etc...Music truly is the universal language.

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