My Autobiography

Published: 2021-06-29 06:43:57
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Jessica Pollock
HUMS 206
My Autobiography
Ivy Tech Community College
December 1, 2011

My Autobiography
I believe that everyone deserves a second chance, and sometimes a third and fourth. I also believe that one should forgive easily, not because they are weak but because they are strong enough to know that people make mistakes. I feel these two life mottos that I personally live by speak volumes about the type of individual I am and the type of life I try to live. I believe that not all people who make mistakes are bad people. I value tradition, family, children, the elderly, my faith, and freedom. I do not dislike anything about my beliefs and values. I was raised to be open minded, not to discriminate, and to cherish your family.
I have a very strong bond with my mother. I have two children and I am in a loyal committed relationship with their father. I currently have a lot of healthy female friendships in my life. I have a little brother who is sixteen and our relationship is typical; we get on each other's nerves still but love each other very much. My mother is a lesbian and I have a very close relationship with my mom's partner as well. I have never met my biological father but when I was eight my mother married a man that adopted me; they divorced when I was fourteen and I no longer have a close relationship with that man that I called dad for years.
I feel that I had a good childhood, but a few incidents happened that had a pretty big impact on the way that I am today. When I was five years old, I remember being molested by a neighbor boy that lived next door to me. This boy was seventeen years old. I used to feel it was my fault that the molestation happened over and over again because I would go to that house every day to play with my friend who was the molester's little sister.
After living as a happy family with the man my mom married and my little brother for six years, my mother came to me and revealed that her and the guy I had been calling Dad were getting a divorce and then my mother revealed something that was even more shocking to me. My mother said she was gay and would be moving from our small town in northern Indiana to the big city Indianapolis to be with her new "partner."
After moving to Indianapolis, it was all down-hill from there. I was used to being involved in cheerleading, softball and church in the small town I was from but after moving to Indianapolis I felt as though I didn't fit in. I turned to the wrong crowd and began smoking weed at fourteen. A year later I began sneaking out to see an older boyfriend and drinking to "ease" my nerves of sneaking out. When I was seventeen I was arrested for theft and two weeks after that arrest I was again arrested for possession of marijuana. I graduated high school (barely) and began to do heavier drugs such as oxy-cotin, vicodin, valium, Xanax, etc. I got pregnant at age nineteen. By this time I had already developed a physical addiction to pain medication and it was snow balling further into an addiction to heroin by age twenty.

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