My Big Decision

Published: 2021-06-29 06:31:59
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My Big Decision
In the winter of 2008, I was faced with a very challenging decision. I had received acceptances to all five of the top universities in the nation that I applied to for my postsecondary education. This was the biggest decision that I had ever had to make in my life up until this point and I could not take it lightly. I had a lot to consider and there were multiple steps in the process that led to me deciding on the university where I would spend the next four years.

Steps in the Decision Making Process
1. Make a list of my priorities of what I wanted and expected from a college and the education it offered.
2. Determine which priorities fell under which school that I had been accepted to.
3. Make a pro-con list of attending each school.
4. Evaluate the financial aid package offered to me by each school.
5. Rank the schools according to which one most closely matched my priorities.
6. Obtain input and advice from family and friends close to me that would be looking out for my best interests.
7. Decide which school I would accept the offer of admittance.
8. Submit the necessary paperwork to secure my place in the Fall 2009 class.

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