My Favorite Holiday

Published: 2021-06-29 06:39:27
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My favorite holiday in China is the Mid-Autumn Festival which is a traditional festival in China. It also called Autumn Festival. We have 7 days holiday in this festival. We always celebrate Autumn Festival on August 15th in lunar calendar. Actually I don't know many origins about the holiday; the only thing I know is that it is a long history traditional festival. People celebrate reunion in this holiday, so all of the family members will get together in this holiday. We eat moon cakes during Autumn Festival and pray for safety and blessedness for all the family. We always light red and round lanterns after dinner to make this festival different. We can eat a lot of Chinese food in this holiday, my mother cooks many dishes for celebration, last but not least, the moon cakes are indispensable which always stand for reunion and safety.
I have been living in Farmville for more than a month since I came here. This is my first time that I live in a different country. Everything surprised me when I came here. Different buildings, different trees, different environment, different air, different people, and different language are all new to me. I like Farmville's sky; I like kindly American friends because they always smile to me and willing to help me when I got into trouble. At the beginning I always got into troubles because of the language difference. I was so confused about what the points that the American want to express.
Even though everything here is perfect, sometimes I feel that I am a little bit homesick. I always miss my family when I lie on my bed; I always come up with the food made by my mom when I am hungry. When I heard that my Chinese friends went to campus to start the new semester I want to go with them.

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