My Favourite Hotel

Published: 2021-06-29 06:37:06
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I have stayed in many hotels but the hotel I like most is Diamond Bay Hotel and Resort. It is a wonderful place. Diamond Bay is a 4-star hotel and resort, located at the South of Nha Trang city. It takes 10 minutes driving from the city center and 20 minutes driving from the airport. The hotel features 342 guestrooms, suites and villas. It has beautiful design and full of qualified accommodation with all the features expected from a 4-star hotel, such as satellite TV, closet, in-room electronic safe, mini bar,... There are diversified rooms for the guest to choose. It is well equipped with huge swimming pool, golf course, tennis courts, fitness center, large spa,... The view in there is wonderful. Diamond Bay also has its private beach for the guests to enjoy their relaxed vacation. It is surrounded by a soft sandy seashore and a landscape of mountains and ocean. At Diamond Bay, the 5 star chef and his team carefully prepared the delicious food for the guests. The small cooking space in the restaurant is the great combination with open space of the kitchen and restaurant to serve dishes cooking in front of the guest upon their requests. The menu included more than 60 Asian and European dishes for buffet. About the service in here, it is perfect with professional waiters and waitresses, good manager. They make the guests feel warm and happy with their friendly and circumspect ways of service. Moreover, room service which is available 24 hours offer a variety of local and international cuisine. That is all the reasons why many people choose Diamond Bay for their vacation. Diamond Bay is the best place for me ever. I want to come back there when I have a chance.

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