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Published: 2021-06-29 06:42:58
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It amazes me that hiding behind the face of a strong stable woman, lie such hardships and misfortune. My housekeeper, Christina, may seem like your average American worker trying to support a family, however, she is much more than this. Christina works tirelessly each and everyday to support her husband and five others living in a small two-bedroom house with her. Her husband works occasionally, however, most of the family's source of income is from her housekeeping services. I find it surprising that one woman is determined enough to meet the needs of her family and friends, regardless of the situation. Christina will do anything to provide meals and other necessities for her family.
Before sitting down and talking with my housekeeper, Christina, I did not have any idea of her life at home. Besides the occasional Spanish conversation with her, I actually have not really even spoken to Christina. To my surprise, a life that is practically non-existent to the clients she associates with, opened up to me. And this life is very hard to decipher, especially when Christina is always joyful and never seems to lose the smile on her face, even when working. I guess she does not want others to feel sorry for her. She must feel that the help of others is not completely necessary, when really, this is all Christina needs. Cleaning about five houses a day, for a very low salary, does not seem to me like it is enough to support four others. However, Christina finds a way to make ends meet.

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