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Published: 2021-06-29 06:27:50
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Ok my name is Delma I have a big family my uncles are Jorge Jorge eddy Romulus Hugo Robert Edgar my aunts are LILIAM paty America Wendy jessamine Claudia my cousins are Jorge daniela Jorge Daniela Ana Raquel maya Ariana claudia Edgar Andrea Marvin Diego Pablo isaias mis sobrinos son Diego Gabriel josue Carlos graciela claudia carolina my parents are Delma Allan. And my brothers are Pablo and Eduardo and my sister is Avril LSD junior huffy e Dundee min mine my favorite color is blac and the other one is white my favorite food is pastas my favorite movie is LILO and stitch my favorite sport is volleyball and swim y like to see movies and cooking pizza I have a big family but we are really close family not like other faamilies in the world and is very Fun my parents are divorce my brother live with my father and my sister and I live with my grandma and grampa my mom already married again and my dad too but we don't have any problem with that thats grate for us if them are happy I am happy and I love my family like no one else can love them y have very good friends that teach me how to leave my life and to be happy and not estresada I am one of the most frustrate people in the whole world I like bakery I like to be myself I don't like anyone else to be controlling my life like teachers them want to dominate your life always

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