My Opinion on Philosophy

Published: 2021-06-29 06:42:59
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My Opinion On Philosophy

Throughout my life there have been certain times that I have pondered major philosophical questions about life. Such things as what is real and what is right as well as morality have been questioned by every person at some point in their life. These questions have brought me to reflect on my life as well as me as a person. Each individual comes to a different conclusion concerning these topics based on personal experiences and events that occur within their lifetime.
It is my belief that the physical world is real but the spiritual world is more of a state of mind. The spiritual world I believe is a state of mind that people have. People believe that if they do good in life they will be rewarded with an afterlife in a place where there are no worries or struggles and that if bad deeds are done they will receive punishment in the afterlife. I don't believe that people have souls I believe that people have an essence or a soul but when you die the soul dies with the physical body.
In my opinion fate is where things will happen because they are inevitable but everyone has free will. It is inevitable that people die and that the seasons change which is fate. I believe there is no written path that anyone will follow. It is not stated in life that one person will become president or invent the next great technology. I asked the questions of metaphysics while in Iraq on my first tour. These beliefs were solidified during my second tour with the circumstances that occurred. When dealing with experiences in your life you learn things through the experiences and events. Knowledge are things that are learned and are retained from experiences throughout your life. Knowledge is acquired through logical reasoning and multiple proven sources. The basis of knowledge in my opinion, is a combination of experience and what a person feels to be true. With feeling and overwhelming evidences knowledge is found. Knowledge is subjective but there are some universal truths, such as water is wet and death is inevitable.
Faith when relating to religion has no relationship to reason. Although, when faith is associated with premonition it has a lot to do with reasoning. However, there are some universal truths to faith as well. Since artificial intelligence of today has no reasoning or sense of faith it in turn does not have knowledge but has information. Artificial intelligence does not have knowledge of its own because it cannot retain knowledge only information from its own experiences instead. Artificial intelligence is only given information to understand. I feel that with an open mind human kind has no limits to its understanding. But with a closed minded individual they set their own limits of understandings. Through writing this paper I have had to question these ideals and open myself up to realizing my thoughts on the basis of knowledge as well as the limits to the human mind and artificial intelligence.
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