My Personal Development Plan

Published: 2021-06-29 06:46:31
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this assignment I `am presenting will address issues in my personal development plan against my skills audit. the report again will also look at issues with regards to measurement of the plan and ways of evaluating it. the report would be concluded by looking at way and the impact that my learning styles have had on my personal development plan.

3.1.Explain the concept of Personal development Plan.

A personal development plan is document based on the fundamental values and beliefs of a person. It involves a process of setting personal, professional and educational goals through an evaluation of your personality, future aspirations and abilities so that you will be able to make a career choices and investments of time, energy and commitment which will ensure that you achieve those goals.(Elaine Payne and Lesley Wittaker. 2006)

3.1.1. Produce a personal development plan chart.

I am presently studying to obtain a MBA in Business Management at London technology college. I might later continue with a MSC in finance and enroll for PHD in three years time
I am not currently working but I work as a team leader with carlisle group during School leave. Completing a MBA requires hard work, sometimes sleepless nights, a lot of dedication and management in your time also sacrifice in the social life in order to get sufficient time to study and acquire knowledge.please find the chart below, details of my objectives are put into short term, mid term and long term.

3.2. Explain the suitable method to assess the outcome of your personal development plan

The method to evaluate the outcome of my personal development plan could be Improve-
ment in my personal Audit, continuous of my courses,

Improvement in my audit

My previous SWOT analysis has enabled me to discover my weakness in IT. I was unable to use my Mac laptop. Friends had advice me to return it but I was determinate to learn.
If others people can use it. Why not me? But my tenacity has paid back. I`am enjoying the machine now

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