My Philosophy in Life and Albert Camus

Published: 2021-06-29 06:43:02
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Live to the point of tears. –Albert CamusI am a ‘real’ Absurdist. I imagine Sisyphus happy. It took a long way on the philosophical path to reach here. Right from the young age, I asked fundamental questions. That led me to explore the world of philosophy in search of answers. Knowing the meaning of life and existence in general was very important to me. On this path I came across a lot of great thinkers/philosophers. Fyodor Dostovesky, Nietzsche, Albert Camus, Kierkegaard et al. There was a time when I had nihilistic views towards life, which then changed into existentialist views; a very commom order for most of the people I think. But all the answers given by these philosophies did not really make the thoughts subside and I felt that something is still there to be known. And one fine day, I read Albert Camus. And boom! I had it; answers to my questions. I am sure Lord Buddha would call it enlightenment.This wasn’t an isolated incident. Everything I had explored on this path condensed when the right buttons were pressed. Looking at ‘Yoga-Vashishth’, it is obvious that Lord Rama had Absurdist thoughts. Lord Buddha’s thoughts helped me understand Camus’ point.  One of the basic tenants of Buddhism is that life is suffering and it takes bravery to face it. But Camus insists that the absurd does not necessarily lead to tragedy. And that is where I inclined more towards absurdist philosophy. ‘Bramha Satyam, Jagat Mithya’! Isn’t this absurdism? Ancient Indian philosophy had had a great impact on my young mind. All these things came together and gave me some solace in my existential crisis. It was like Grand Unification Theory manifesting itself to you.

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