My Refuge

Published: 2021-06-29 06:44:12
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Category: Religion

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My Refuge

My body is trembling with fear not knowing what to do
Tears rolled down my cheek nonstop
Sob after sob loneliness and fear conquered my being
Holding on to my last strength but time pass by and no one notice

Darkness took over my sight letting my senses break down
Sin after sin has been committed just to protect me
Wounds that couldn't heal so easily
looking for someone, something to take refuge

Always running away not knowing where to go
As tears fall again the rain would be my refuge to hide the pain
wet from the rain yet the pain never fades
looking up the sky whom is crying with me
Asking why? Why can't I just banish from here?
Why do I have to endure such pain?

such sadness can never be cured
my pain can never be solved
where do I have to look for it? my refuge
run and run as I pass this huge house

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