My Social Dilemma with Self-Esteem

Published: 2021-06-29 06:44:04
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My Social DilemmaFlorida Institute of TechnologyProfessor DaubeRaini HillAugust 21, 2017My Social Dilemma with Self-Esteem        Throughout life there a various social dilemma’s each person will have to go through and overcome. One social dilemma I have found myself dealing with for a couple years is how to feel comfortable in my own skin. About 3 years ago, I got pregnant with my daughter and gained about 70 pounds. I thought after giving birth, I’d lose weight easily. However, I was also dealing with postpartum depression, and I’ve really struggled with losing all of the weight. At this point, she is almost 3, so I can’t really blame “having a baby” on failing to lose weight.         I have been so uncomfortable with myself that I’ve refused to buy any new clothes, so I basically only wear sweat pants or pajama pants and tee shirts all the time. This is creating problems within my marriage as well as social life. I am too uncomfortable with how I look; I wont even go hang out with any of our friends. This dilemma in turn gives me anxiety when I’m in a social setting. I realize that if I were to put in more work and healthy, I would probably be able to lose the baby weight. However, having a toddler, and a husband with a very hearty appetite and already bad eating habits, it’s actually been harder to accomplish than I had imagined.

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