My Voice

Published: 2021-06-29 06:37:59
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In the darkness of the shadows,
Lies my soul,
Looking inside me,
There is only a hole,
When the night falls,
My pain rise again,
Can't help it but give in,
Even death can't release me,
I'm already dead,
Can't find a way to stop these voices in my head,
Waiting between thousands of lives for someone who can hear my voice within screaming,
I'm not just a kid,
Can't find myself,
Lost in my thoughts,
Confusion will end,
Whatever it costs,
Begging my eyes not to be crying,
While writing my last line,
Waiting for something to make me stop,
Just before I let the pen drop,
Here she comes looking at me,
Holding my hands to make me see,
My hidden spirit,

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