Myspace and Cellphones

Published: 2021-06-29 06:40:55
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November 19, 2009
"Myspace and Cell Phones"
Myspace the best thing invented since cell phones. People who don't use either cell phones or Myspace seriously need to upgrade. I mean seriously anyone who doesn't own a cell phone or have a Myspace account are so 90's.
Myspace was created to show people how loved you are. To do so you need to have an immense amount of friends. The more the merrier, who cares if you don't know them, what matters is how many you have. In myspace you give out all your personal information starting from your name down to what you're doing at that very instant, believe it or not everyone wants to know what you're doing.
The benefits of owning a cell phone and a myspace account are that you can text what you're doing in an instant to your myspace account. It doesn't matter where you are, whether in the restroom, kitchen, work, bed, or class, we want to know it all. The best part is that people can then tell you in your myspace account how much they care, let's say you doing your homework at midnight, you can bet that whatever they say comes from the bottom of their heart. The best part about telling what you're doing is that you can also add a face that is provided to you. They range from a variety of faces such as happy, moody, sleepy, angry or whatever you feel at the moment.
Who needs a newspaper anymore? Since the creation of cell phones and myspace you don't have to ever worry about what's going on around you. "When my cousin Rebecca was pulled over by a policeman I was text by my best friend Lucy about this, few minutes later I posted it in myspace to inform the rest of my friends," said Ofelia a cousin of Rebecca. "The next day she was so thankful for the moral support and for notifying everyone for her." You can count that information, with cell phones or myspace, will be spread ten times quicker that regular email which is much slower than a moving turtle.
Another advantage myspace has will be that you can even post pictures of yourself and be certain that people will comment on them. That way, strangers can tell you how beautiful you are and not mean it in a bad way. Also you can show every place you gone and know that you won't have someone that hates you because of it.
Love music? Don't worry this is provided to you in both cell phones and myspace. It's great you can share with the rest of the world what songs you like. In myspace you just simply search for the song or the artist you prefer, make a playlist and then post it on your page so people can later turn up the volume and enjoy. For cell phones it quite easier. You only have to download an application on your phone that only cost you around one dollar and ninety nine cents per month, not including the songs that you purchase. Then you search

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